There are six species of wasp commonly found in the UK but only two enter buildings. Wasps can be seen throughout the country but the wasp ‘season’ tends to be shorter in the cooler north. Wasps Nests Falkirk, Wasps Nests Stirling, Wasps Nests West Lothian they are everywhere.

Wasps build elaborate nests made from a papery substance. This is produced when workers mix wood scraped from trees, fence posts or materials scraped from dried grasses with saliva. Nests can be located hanging from trees, bushes and hedges, or beneath roof tiles, in attics, garages, etc.

A wasp nest survives only for that season as the nest dies off in the late autumn, and although they will never re-inhabit an old nest, they may build a new one directly beside an old nest. At the height of the season, there may be as many as 25,000 wasps in a very large nest!